Guns of the Golden West
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The Guns of the Golden West Associates
The Guns of the Golden West is happy to present our Associates and a short Bio about them.  Our character portrayals range from Gunfighters, Lawmen, Sharpshooters, Soldiers and Townsfolk of all descriptions.  Our associates are multi- talented and offer exceptional skills all aspects of Old West lifestyle and culture.  
Jack Spade, AKA Scorpio, Gambler, Womanizer, Shootist and general trouble maker. Works both sides of the law depending which has a bigger payoff. Usually found in gamblin' halls and saloons and always sits with his back to the wall. If you got a price on your head, don't show him yours.
Known by “Black Bart” goin down the Trail ...
Says carryin 2 guns way better than 1
Isn’t above cheatin at cards & Romancin married ladies!
Lives by the creed “keep yur Powder Dry and Strait Shootin”
Lady Amelia, don't test her - she'll put you in your place!
Zeke Shady former lawman now bounty hunter, with Shady dealins' he always gets his man....or gal
Nuno, if he don't get ya, his gang will!
Ringo, a slippery character - don't ask him to sing!
Blackie Lawless - only one faster is his ball & chain, err I mean lovely wife
Granny - Fast with a gun and even faster with Evil Twin #1.  She is so poker faced even her reflection can't tell whats going on.
Crazy Chester, a down-and-out broke cowpoke.  Quick with a whip, quicker with a smile!
Steve C
Big Iron, Law and Order is his game - fast and deadly with his .45
One of the Originals.  Mule hails from parts unknown and is deadly with his whips and guns, but not at the same time.  He's the fellow with the whiskers.
Rusty McCougar
Big Hugh - a retired sherriff, Hugh watches from the porch, but still has a quick hand.  Outlaws beware.
Mizz Kitty - Known for looking down on Tombstone and the rest of us, she turns heads in her six guns and corset.
Yukon- known for his passion of things western and his quick draw speed, this eastern Cowboy always is there watching your back.
Kiwi, quick with the gun, deadly with the cards
Stompin' Tom - Tom is a newer member and hasn't done much worth mentioning - but he sure is a pretty feller!
Little Miss - Miss Kitty's camp follower.  She's good with a pistol and she can talk yer ear off too.
Desperado: He's done everything.  Sometimes Good, sometimes Bad, always Ugly.
Spike - Hailing from the land of poutine, Spike makes the west his home.  Fast with a gun...and happy.
Mizz Kate - She can often be found chasing Curly around and is fast as lightning with her shootin irons.
Heather C
Rolling Saloon - Used as a Float or set dressing at your event.
Diane C
Grayback - Army of One. Known for drowning Yanks and Bottles of Shine. Often at the same time.
Gerry C
Sheila E
Kevin N
Dusty S
Dave T
Rob A.
Spencer B
Melissa C
Greenhorn - The young gun. Settles things with fists before slingin' irons.
Lorne M
Kissin' Kate - Don't let the pretty smile fool you, she ain't nobody's sweetheart.
Ashley L
Lash Barnett.  He plays both sides of the law and is just itchin' to prove himself.
Antonio D
Randy W
More Associate Bios and Pictures to Come....
If you are interested in becoming an Associate member of the Guns of the Golden West, simply give us a call or complete the membership form and mail it in with a letter indicating your desire to join, skill sets and why you would like to become an associate of the Guns of the Golden West.  One of our executive members will be in touch with you as soon as its received.

Please note, in order to be a shooting member you must have a valid Possessiona and Aquisition License for Restricted Firearms or be willing to obtain it.  PAL's are not mandatory if you do not plan to shoot.  We are a performance based shooting organization, so please understand that you will be asked to take a performance role in our public shows.  We are busy and love to do what we do.  

All new members must participate and attend mandatory safety and performance training sessions prior to appearing in public with the Guns of the Golden West.  We hold a monthly meeting on the fourth thursday of every month September to June.  Contact us if you wish to attend and find out more.

Please call 403-862-1886 and leave us a message.  We will return your call within a day or two.

Download the PDF membership form and mail it in.